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A brief look at some herbs for Valentine's Day!  We carry all of these herbs and many more in our apothecary.


$2.81/oz - organic
With high antioxidants and just the right amount of sweetness, Goji is considered a superfood. It's also a wonderful medicine for the heart, with cardioprotective and mood boosting qualities. Goji is the perfect addition to Valentine's dishes, both sweet and savory. They're especially wonderful with chocolate in homemade candies or baked goods!


$1.40/oz - organic
Rose is a cooling herb for the physical and emotional heart. Energetically the flower is protective and centering, allowing you to open your heart without feeling raw or overexposed. Medicinally Rose is anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, and emotionally up-lifting (to name a few). Add Rose to sweets, infuse into wine, or even to bath water. 


$1.57/oz - Wildcrafted
A warming and uplifting herb, Damiana is known as an exhilirant and aphrodisiac. Benefiting all gender, Damiana helps relax the body, brighten the mind, and acts as a sexual tonic. This delightful herb infuses well into wine, can be added to smoking blends, and makes an aromatic tea. The perfect herb to enjoy with your sweetheart.

blue lotus.jpg

BLUE LOTUS - in store only
$28.50 per 1.5oz jar - Wildcrafted 
Blue Lotus is an ancient herbal aphrodisiac and exhilirant. It has long been used to increase libido and create a sense of joyful wellbeing. Blue Lotus is also antispasmodic, helping to alleviate pain. The flower has also been used to reach higher levels of consciousness. The petals can be made into tea or added to smoking blends.


$1.20/oz - organic
What would Valentine's Day be without chocolate? Raw and partially fermented Cocoa nibs are chocolate in one of its purest forms. While not sweet on its own, Cocoa nibs can be infused into wines and hot drinks or added to baked goods and candies. High in antioxidants and with mood boosting qualities, Cocoa is beneficial to your heart and mind. It also has some aphrodisiac qualities.


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