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Witch's Herb Code Canvas Wall Hanging

Witch's Herb Code Canvas Wall Hanging

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This canvas poster is modeled after vintage educational charts using reproductions of original illustrations by Vincent Frano of The Bower Studio. Based on the writings of Galen and Discorides as well as the Greek Magical Papyri (see PGM XII: 401-44), each illustration depicts an herb and its code name counterpart. Code names have been used in grimoires to conceal the nature of herbal and magical recipes from the general populace. 

This poster depicts  Valerian (Ram's Head), Sage (Toad), Rue (Weasel), Nightingale (Hops), Holly (Bat's Wing), Foxglove (Bloody Fingers), Mullein (Graveyard Dust), and True Unicorn Root (Unicorn Horn). Each image is paired with a hand written descriptive name for the herb and code name.

The illustrations are printed on heavy weight, UV-protected canvas with a subtle gloss finish. The poster is carefully pinned by us to two hand stained, pine slats using nickel tacks. The poster hangs from an attractive gunmetal chain.

The Small Poster is 12"x18". The wood slats are 15" across. The chain is 20" long.

The Large Poster is 20" x 30". The wood slats are 24" across. The chain is 32" long.

Colors may vary slightly due to computer monitor settings.

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