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    This sturdy bluebird nest box will last a lifetime! Easy to clean and designed to withstand the elements, built from resilient cedar boards with a metal flashed roof. The unique Peterson design provides ample insulation and the best protection from predators of any bluebird box. 

    Advantages of the “Peterson Plus” Bluebird Box

    • The Peterson Plus box is protected from rain and snow, enabling it to last for centuries. This feature distinguishes it from all other boxes, which rot after a few years.
    • The roof also reflects the summer sun and prevents overheating. There is also ample ventilation, with two holes on each side as well as a gap above the front panel.
    • The small floor size reduces nest completion time.
    • The oval entrance hole enables the mother to lean inside to feed her chicks and remove fecal sacs without entering the box.
    • The Peterson box is difficult for starlings to use, as the hole is only 1 3/8” wide.
    • The sloping front protects bluebirds from predation by raccoons and cats.
    • The Peterson box provides excellent protection for communal roosting in the winter, accommodating several bluebirds at a time, if the holes and front gap are plugged (be sure to remove the plugs in the spring).
    • The front panel opens easily for observation and cleaning; simply remove the double- headed nail on the left side of the box.
    • Bluebird use of Peterson boxes has consistently been far higher than in standard boxes.
    • Several comparison studies indicate higher numbers of bluebirds fledged from a Peterson box than any other bluebird box.

    Comes with informational sheet regarding placement, mounting, and general tips.

    Handmade by local naturalist John Root.

Peterson Bluebird Box

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